IN STORES: Grab Bag Ocean (FS/CU4CU)

Friday, June 06, 2014

Full size Elements and Paper (300dpi) • 13 png elements + 1 jpg digitally painted paper • CU4CU / Commercial Use

Palm tree: 2207X3355, Sand dune: 2494X608, Stones: 1466X643, Shell 1: 1271X1311, Shell 2: 1584X1556, Shell 3: 1296X1309, Shell 4: 1527X1000, Shell 5: 1687X1520, Shell 6: 1688X1241, Flower: 1948X1891, Bokeh: 3384X956, Ropes: 2914X3162, Frame: 3044X3044, Paper: 3600X3600 (12X12)
This product is on sale in one of my stores (top right column)
Ce produit est en vente dans l'une de mes boutiques (colonne en haut à droite)

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