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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Create your own pizza in a few seconds !  9 png elements (300dpi) - CU4CU
Toppings for pizza are much smaller to better fit the dough (see sizes below) - Exemple not included
See my "Pizza Party" kit for more exemples.

What is included:  1 Pizza Dough with cheese, 1 Pepperoni slice, 1 Tomato slice, 1 Green pepper slice,
1 Red pepper slice, 1 Onion slice, 1 Mushroom slice, 1 Black olive slice and 2 Parsley leaves.

Sizes   Pizza dough: 1873X1862, Tomato: 442X430, Onion: 410X358, Green pepper: 375X343, Mushroom: 338X326,
Pepperoni: 334X337, Parsley leaves: 281X319, Red pepper: 177X300, Black olive: 133X130

On sale in one of my stores or on my Membership Site
En vente dans l'une de mes boutiques ou sur mon site pour Membres

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