IN STORES: The Playschool (FS/CU4CU)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Full sizes elements (300dpi) • 22 png 3D elements • 1 jpg paper • CU4CU/Commercial Use

Sizes:  Table with 4 chairs: 1779X1171, Table with 2 chairs: 1742X1133, Lockers: 2197X1136, Rug: 2743X611, Book opened: 1326X889, Book closed: 1180X841, Crayon box 1: 1184X1106, Crayon box 2: 1203X456, Clock: 1033X1057, Jar with pencils: 649X1040, Chair 1: 873X1570, Chair 2: 853X1556, Tray 1: 1301X567, Tray 2: 1282X666, Ball: 1076X1088, Board game: 1506X616, Alphabet block 1: 1077X892, Alphabet block 2: 1076X902, Alphabet block 3: 1079X879, Art board: 1793X837, Rainbow: 2080X1255, Black board: 1342X2052, Paper: 3600X3600
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