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Friday, April 15, 2016

Full size templates (300dpi) • 20 layered templates • PSD and PSP formats included • Just add your favorite styles, patterns and/or textures, and you have very unique elements! • 1 mustache (png and psd) • CU4CU/Commercial Use

--- SIZES ---
Shirt: 2758X2210 - Shirt with Tie: 1636X2213 - Tie: 639X2211 - Shoes: 2306X1878 - Hat: 2313X1376 - Sport Cap: 2333X1575
Chess Piece: 1561X2095 - Glasse: 2260X1166 - Razor: 1607X2209 - Perfum: 1621X2105 - Coffee Mug: 2000X2108 - Car: 2418X2045
Barbell Dumbbell: 2896X1085 - Hammer: 2683X1781 - Money: 2110X2104 - Credit Card: 2105X1523 - Suitecase: 2359X2211
Laptop: 2633X1583 - Tablet: 1451X2211 - Xbox Controller: 2335X2001 - Mustache: 2292X1081
This product is on sale in one of my stores below
Ce produit est en vente dans l'une des boutiques ci-dessous

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