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Friday, January 04, 2019

This month, "Scrap and Tubes Store" offer you 3 new FREE GIFTS

NEW YEAR PARTY KIT (FS/PU) - free with $1 purchase
WINTER PAPER 2 (FS/CU4CU) - free with $2 purchase
WINTER MIX TEMPLATES (FS/CU4CU) - free with $3 purchase

For more details, simply visit this < link
  These 3 gifts are available during the whole month of January

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3 Comment(s)

  1. What app or how do I make a picture/scrap book using verymanytubes tube. Or where can purchase to download an already made scrapbook using a tube from verymany

  2. What app or how do I create a picture/scrapbook using a tube from verymanytubes. Or where can I purchase an already made scrapbook using a tube from verymanytubes?

    1. Hello AmeliaMariah,

      If you have any questions for "verymanytubes" you need to contact them directly because I have nothing to do with them.

      Wish you a nice day!



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