Twilight Scraps 2nd Birthday !

Sunday, May 08, 2011

~ Twilight Scraps 2nd Birthday ~

Simply shop through the store to find some great Specials, and awesome Hidden Freebies
from our Twilight Scraps Designers. Customers who complete a purchase will go into
the draw to win the following door prizes from May 9th till midnight May 14th 2011.

JosDZigns: Birthday Script Bundle Pack
Creative Intentionz: 3 CU PSP Scripts of Choice (1 per customer)
Gothique Starr: 2 Licensed Tubes (1 per customer) **PTE Licensed Artist**
Alika Scraps
: 2 Scrapkits & 2 CU Items of Choice (1 per customer)
Shal's World: 5x $5.00 Gift Certificates courtesy of My Tag Art (1 per customer)
Candylicious: 2 Scrapkits (1 per customer)
Sam's Scraps: 2 CU & 2 PU Products (1 per customer)
Busyscrappin: 1 CU4CU License and 2 Poser Sets & 1 PU Item (1 per customer)
Darq Illusions: 3 Products of Choice (1 per customer)
Athena De signs: 1 CU Product & 1 PU Product of Choice (1 per customer)
Heartfelt Perfections: 1 CU Product & 1 PU Product of choice (1 per customer)
Scraps & Tubes: 1x $5.00 Gift Certificate (1 per customer)
Puddicat Creations: 1 CU Product & 1 PU Product of Choice (1 per customer)
Bello Scarto: 2 Scrap Kits (1 per customer)
Digiscrapations: 1 x $5.00 Gift Certificate (1 per customer)
P&A Designz: 1 Scrap Kit of Choice
Schnegge: Sexy Thing Bundle, Sweet Violet, Rose CU Tubes, Jaqueline
TaggingAngels: 1 CU4CU License & 5 Resell Poser Sets
Wicked Princess: 1 CU Product & 1 PU Product of Choice (1 per customer)
Mystical Illusionz: 5 CU Poser Packs (1 per customer)
Grunge&Glitter/Toxic Desirez: Exclusive Collab Kit

On top of all the fabulous prizes, sales and freebie giveaways, Twilight Scraps will

give to 2 LUCKY customers the chance to get there order completely refunded so you
can spend on even MORE goodies in store. Here is how it will work.
Everyone who makes a purchase during the sales event from 9th May till midnight
14th May will go into the draw to win a coupon for the same amount as your order.

Good luck Everyone !

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