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Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoses wedding kits ares very complete! You'll find, off course, the bride and groom, but also
everything that you will need to decorate your wedding pages and/or your tags.

Full size kit (300dpi) - 71 png elements - 4 png Cookies (©Medi and ©Krissy's Imaging )
8 jpg papers (3600X3600) - Personal use ONLY

What is included:  2 brides and 2 grooms, lots of beautiful flowers, gazebo, wedding arch,
bench, church, wedding cake, bridal bouquets, box with rings, bridal veil and garter,
wedding bells, basket with petals, champagne and flute, groom corsage, wedding bubbles favor,
candles, wedding server set, groom tie and hat, wedding certificate, pillow with rings, bird,
butterflies, tree, shrub and bushe, bows and ribbons, wedding gifts, frames, balloons, harps,
rocks path, fences, envelope with paper and few wordarts

On sale in one of my stores or on my Membership Site
En vente dans l'une de mes boutiques ou sur mon site pour Membres

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