IN STORES - Backyard (FS/TS/CU4CU)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Full size 3D elements (300dpi) •  14 png garden furnitures and tools •  CU4CU •  Tagger sizes also included

Sizes     Gazebo: 2592X2515, Bench: 1888X1335, Pot with Flowers: 1093X1603,
Pot Round: 984X1036, Pot Rectangle: 1800X714, Logs Fence: 3500X1592,
Wall with Ivy: 3010X3165, Ground: 3600X1390, Deck: 3468X1019, Bucket: 981X1566,
Hoe: 1362X588, Fork: 1366X312, Rake: 1361X508, Trowel: 1359X365

On sale in one of my stores or on my Membership Site
En vente dans l'une de mes boutiques ou sur mon site pour Membres

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