IN STORES - Nautical 1 (FS/TS/CU4CU)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Full size elements and papers (300dpi) • 11 png elements • 4 jpg papers • Tagger sizes also included

Sizes   Umbrella: 1789X1734, Wooden Chest: 1794X1103, Pillow: 1110X1076, Frame: 1366X1369,
Hat: 1804X833, Shell 1: 1660X1191, Shell 2: 1662X1810, Fish: 1355X662, Lobsters: 1738X979,
Boat Paddle: 1932X583, Beach Sign: 1798X1485, Papers: 4X... 3600X3600

On sale in one of my stores or on my Membership Site
En vente dans l'une de mes boutiques ou sur mon site pour Membres

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