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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

•Full size templates (300dpi) • 12 psd and 12 psp layered template • Just add your favorite colors, styles, patterns and/or textures and you will have a unique elements! • CU4CU/Commercial Use

Sizes   Tablecloth: 2942X758, Basket: 2230X1570, Wine bottle: 504X2045, Wine glass: 597X1143, Chess: 1372X750, Strawberry: 1086X872, Watermelon: 1277X1278, Carrot: 1345X624, Cocomber: 1300X634, Grape: 1789X1129, Pear: 835X1333, Plate: 1930X500
This product is on sale in one of my stores (top right column)
Ce produit est en vente dans l'une de mes boutiques (colonne en haut à droite)

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