IN STORES : The Classroom (FS/CU4CU)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Full sizes elements (300dpi) • 17 png 3D elements • CU4CU/Commercial Use

Sizes   Desk and chair: 2148X1902, Blackboard: 2330X1205, Duster: 1228X485, Chalk: 1170X295, Calculator: 1402X1359, Notepad: 1522X1430, Book stack: 1613X1167, Binder: 1723X1207, Work book: 1840X966, Pencil case: 1567X874, Marker: 1259X182, Pencil: 1264X66, Eraser: 1064X303, Sharpener: 1017X459, Scissor: 1255X399, Ruler: 1751X150, Map: 2428X1559
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