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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Full size elements (300dpi) • Total of 17 grayscaled elements • 15 psd and 15 psp templates
2 psd and 2 png elements • All elements are ready to be colorized! • CU4CU/Commercial Use

Tree: 1448X3106, Wood sign: 2527X3207, Christmas lights: 3668X482, Tag: 1329X2343, Reindeer: 2297X2066, Candle: 1068X2967, Poinsettia: 2137X2218, Christmas duo balls: 1556X2837, Light Christmas ball: 1747X2173, Dark Christmas ball: 1747X2173, Round gift boxes: 2454X2100, Star gift boxes: 2426X1750, Gift box 1: 1930X2273, Gift box 2: 2175X2221, Gift box 3: 2134X2087, Ribbon: 3627X1345, Pine branche: 3236X3207
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